Disable Restart Computer Message after Windows Update

It is very irritating when after the download of Windows Update; the system periodically pops a dialog box asking to restart the system.

Though Windows Update is a useful thing to do and Automatic Updates provide more stability to the system but wouldn’t it be great if we have a choice to install the update when we want without getting bugged by the irritating dialog box?

The message “Do you want to restart your computer now?” can be overcome by following methods:

1.    Go to Control Panel -> System > Automatic Updates tab and select the option of “Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them”.

2.    Also disable the service from the Group Policy Editor. Type gpedit.msc in the run box and navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.

Double click “No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installation”. Select Enabled and click OK.

It would disable the dialog box.

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