Disable the Software Splash Screens with SplashKiller

You must have noticed the Splash Screens that come up when we start an application and before the program is fully loaded. It is fine for most of the people but quite irritating for few, so if it is the same for you then you can disable or hide the Splash Screens after running the application.

Splash screen is a term used to describe an image that appears while a computer program is loading. Most common splash screens that we come across daily are that of PDF reader and Microsoft Word.

We can easily disable these splash screens using a free and small tool called SplashKiller. The tool works on most of the software programs but not all. The tool is quite easy to use and require no installation.

Just download the tool and double click it to run it. To add up an application, click the add button and browse for the exe file of the program as shown in the pic above.

Download SplashKiller

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