Disable Windows Key on Keyboard

There are occasions when we like to disable the some keys of the keyboard for our own purpose. One of such keys is the Windows key which with other keys can be used for different purposes. The key is also used as a hotkey along with other keys.

Pressing the Windows key produces the Start menu but consider a situation when you are running a full screen app like a game and does not want to use this key at all but if you press this key, even by mistake, then it will minimize the app and produce the Start menu. In such cases, you would like to disable the Windows key for sure, but how to do that?

There are 2 good ways of doing that:

Method 1:

Use this third party tool called WinKey Killer which is designed specifically for this purpose of disabling the Windows key. The tool has got few other options as well which can come handy to you.

Method 2:

Let the Microsoft Fix It do that for you. The executable file provided by Microsoft at the Fix It location would disable/enable the button for you. This is nothing but the registry changes which will be done automatically.

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