Disconnect your Internet after Definite Period of Time Automatically

I came across many people who don’t have unlimited access to the internet. May be because they are using limited plan or some pay per usage plan. Then if by chance their internet remains ON then they might lose some data of their limited internet data plan.

So to mange you data access, you should use InternetOff which will turn your internet access off after a set period of time. This application is not only for those who have limited access to internet, this application can be used by those also who have unlimited access to internet.

For example if you are doing some work and you turn to your PC to check out for any notification it will take a minute but if you start chatting with your friends, then you might waste your time and the work will remain undone.

Thus you can use this application in both ways as it will block your internet access and will not let you waste your time after some time. Using this application, you can turn On the Internet for intervals of 5 min, 15, min, 30 min and 1 hour. You can select any of the intervals and once the time gets elapsed, your internet access will be immediately turned off.

After this whenever you want to start your internet connection, click Turn on the Internet button and it will get turned on. I hope this application will help you organize your time on internet and your internet data will not be wasted. The application is compatible with all versions of Windows. You can download the application from the link given below.

Download InternetOff

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