Display Authentication Key Icon beside emails from Paypal and Ebay

These days we receive all kinds of spam emails from the hackers that we can’t trust even the famous names and if the email is from some banking company then we need to be more alert. In my inbox, I receive even spam emails with the name of Paypal, distinguishing which is not easy.

Wouldn’t it be easy and better if there is some kind of authenticated icon with the sender’s name so that we can easily find out that the email is from the genuine sender and not the fake spammer? I am sure you would like to surely have this feature.


Well, if you are a Gmail user then you can make use of this feature without the need of installing any other kind of tool. This feature is called as Authentication icon for verified senders (by E R) and is present in the Gmail Labs under Settings. This is set to Disabled by default but if you wish to use this feature then you can enable it manually.


You just need to visit the Gmail Settings (click the Gear icon below the profile icon on top right of the Gmail). Now when you are in Settings, you need to visit the Gmail Labs which can be seen as a button. Click on the Labs button and you will be presented with some features that you can use with your email.

Navigate a little down to find this feature called as Authentication icon for verified senders by E R, click Enable and done! So from now on, whenever you receive an email from Paypal or Ebay (genuine sites) you will see a key icon next to the sender’s name. This will help you in distinguishing the spam and fake emails from Paypal or Ebay with the original ones.

Note: Currently this feature supports only the Paypal and Ebay, however we would like to see more genuine senders in the list.

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