Display IE-only Webpages within Chrome itself

We all know that Internet Explorer (IE) is the basic browser that is pre installed on our systems whereas Google Chrome is a third partly browser that works really very fast as compared to the IE. It has various extensions that help you a lot while surfing. When you have read the title, you must have given it a thought that is it really possible to merge both of these browsers.

Yes it is possible. In actual it is not merging the browsers; it is like using IE in Google Chrome tab using an extension. The extension is called “IE Tab”. Using this extension you can easily launch IE-only websites in the chrome itself. You can easily view web pages in IE 7, IE 8, or IE 9 mode. You can also run ActiveX Controls, an IE-only technology in chrome itself.

When you will install this extension an IE tab icon will be created on the chrome’s main window. You can simply click on that icon and start using IE in chrome. Don’t take it wrong that it is the original IE; it is an embedded IE window.

The IE tab will perfectly integrate with Google chrome and using this you can easily view those web pages which are best viewed using IE inside Chrome itself without the need of running IE. Overall it is a nice extension and will save your lot of time. To download this extension, follow the link given below.

Download IE Tab

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