Display your Own Name or any Text on Windows Taskbar

Everyone loves customizing and personalizing our own computers, as it feels really good and helpful. There are lot many ways to change picture backgrounds, audio and some names at various places in Windows however there was no way to write our own name (or a text) somewhere on the taskbar until I realized it was possible with a some small tweak.

While Windows already display the computer name in the Windows menu but I am not sure if you would like to see your name along with the time on the taskbar. Personally, it did interests me as seeing my name or something I want to see most times is always displayed on the taskbar. Moreover it looks different too. So if you also wish to put your name or a text on the taskbar here is how to go about it.



1. Open the Control Panel
2. Go to Clock, Language and Region settings.
3. Click on the Region and Language option
4. In the Region and Language window that opens, click the Additional Settings button.

5. A new window opens called as Customize Window, go to the Time tab here.
6. Now you need to change the AM and PM symbols to any text that you want to put. So basically we are changing the AM and PM values with the text to be displayed always.
7. There are more customizations that can be used, like you can replace h by H, to see the time in 24 hr format and other things as mentioned below in the window.
8. Note that, when you wish to go back to the original settings, you just need to click the Reset button to undo the changes.

I think having your own displayed all the time on the taskbar looks cool and more personal, so if you also liked the tweak, then try it for you. [via TWC]

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