Display, Search or Copy Disks based on Sectors

Every Hard Disk uses the mechanism of sectors and tracks to store the data. For all those who don’t have much info on this, here is the brief intro of that. A disk has some circular platters that contain storage material which is divided into circular tracks each having some tracks to store data. Refer the image below for clarity.

So in case you are comfortable doing some sector wise operations on the disk, or just wish to experience this, here is a tool called Roadkil’s Sector Editor that can come handy in this purpose. This tool allows displaying, editing, printing and searching of disks based on individual sectors. The information can be displayed and edited in both ASCII or hexadecimal.

The tool also allows the sectors to be copied or exported to file. With the help of this tool, one can import or export the sectors to a file which can help in recovering of data in case of hard disk crash or data loss. For more info refer the link below.

Download Roadkil’s Sector Editor

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