DNS Check Tool released by F-Secure for DNS Changer Malware

Google reported that more than half million Computers are infected with DNS Changer malware worldwide; when replacement servers by FBI were shut down on July 9th, those affected users will lose internet access. Google is continuously warning the users who are infected by DNS Changer.

To all these infected users, Google shows a message on top of their search results page to remove the malware. A DNS Changer removal tool has been released in past by Avira and several online applications are there to check your system for infection of DNS Changer. Since the problem is increasing day by day as a solution for this, a tool has been released by security vendor F-Secure called DNS Check.

When you will run this tool on your system, it will scan your system’s DNS Settings in the registry for DNS alterations; if your DNS setting matches that of rogue DNS IPs of DNS Changer botnet then you can click on “Clean” button.

The user has to run this tool in administrator privileges. The tool also provides the user with three options namely DHCP, Open DNS and Google DNS to reset DNS settings. This tool will act as a scanner that will check out the DNS changer malware in your system.

Anyhow if the malware is detected on your system, then to remove the malware, you will have to use either Removal tool for DNS Changer released by Avira or F-Secure Easy Clean tool. Both of these tools are capable to remove the malware from your system.

Download DNS Check

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