Do Not Use Anonymous Proxy sites

Though Proxy sites provide us with some way to browse the blocked web pages but not all proxy sites are safe and good to use. In this edition of Tip of the Week section, I share the adverse effects of using the Anonymous Proxy sites.

A Proxy Site is a web page that allows you to view and surf your web addresses even if they are blocked by the network administrator. There may be 2 kinds of Proxies available:

1. Proxy websites where you enter your blocked web page to be able to view through it.
2. Proxy addresses which need to be added in the browser proxy settings that can open more number of pages for you.

Though it is easier to use the proxy sites, it is unsafe to do so because of the following reasons:

• Since you allow your secret info to pass through the proxy sites, it is never safe to use them.

• These sites can capture all the info transmitting through their servers which can be very risky if you are using the sites for your banking needs etc.

• Proxy sites can infect your system with malwares and keyloggers and if your system is not safe enough to catch these, your complete information would be lost.

Thus it is better to be safe and not use the proxy sites rather than regret later for your hacked account or passwords.

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