Don’t Buy a New Computer Until You Read This

Thinking about buying a new PC? Has your once shiny, new computer deteriorated over time? Is it slow, unresponsive, or does it feature an ancient operating system? Before you junk your computer and spend a fortune on an entirely new system, consider the following tips. It is possible to have your old computer running like new again.

Upgrade Your Hardware

No one is asking you told hold onto a buggy, Windows 98 PC. But, if you have a somewhat contemporary PC, updating the hardware could have it operating like new again. Consider installing an SSD (solid-state drive), which will increase speeds and increase your storage space. SSDs turbocharge boot times, app launch times, and browsing times.

Also, consider replacing your current PC board with an industrial one. Industrial PC boards are built to be tough, rugged and long-lasting, so you can ensure your circuitry doesn’t fry anytime soon. Add a flat-screen, high-definition monitor and you’ve just rebuilt your computer’s hardware for a fraction of what it costs to buy a brand-new system. Best of all? These individual upgrades are higher-quality than what you’d find in a standard all-in-one computer system.

Before you move on to software cleanup, you need to clean your hardware. Dust bunnies are hiding in all your PC’s nooks and crannies. Using a can of computer duster, remove the side of your tower and give everything inside a good spray. Professional cleaners are available to perform this service for you, if you’re afraid of damaging one of your lesser known peripherals.

Get Rid of Spyware, Malware, and Adware

First run your computer’s antivirus. If you don’t have antivirus, AVG offers a pretty good free one. Once you’ve quarantined all viruses, go ahead and run an app that eliminates and monitors spyware, malware, and adware. These apps are slowing down your PC, and they could be spying on your private identifying information. Check out Gizmo’s list of the best free removal tools.

Delete Unwanted Programs

To free up memory, remove software you’re no longer using. Click ‘Control Panel,’ then ‘Remove Programs,’ and remove anything outdated or no longer valuable to you. Once you’ve finished this task, go ahead and run the computer’s defragging program. This is located under ‘Accessories’ in the ‘Start’ menu.

Run Cleanup Software

In the article, Clean Up your Desktop with these Helpful Programs, Tech Salsa lists three programs that will help you clean up your “cluttered and neglected” desktop. By tidying up your software, you will improve your computer’s overall functionality and speed. Before you run any of these apps, it’s a good idea to create a backup. That way, if anything goes wrong, you’re protected. The three programs recommended for cleanup are Zum, Deskcretary, and Clean Desktop.

Another option is to run a PC optimizer, such as UPCleaner. It’s free, and will fully optimize your computer by cleaning up RAM and enhancing performance.

Upgrade to a New OS

Once your memory has been increased and your RAM’s performance improved, you’re ready to upgrade to a new OS (operating system). Be careful not to upgrade to an OS your system can’t handle. Carefully read the OS’s computer requirements before making the switch. When you find one your PC can handle, go ahead and install it.

Just like that you’ve got yourself a newish computer, which is better than no new computer at all and cheaper than an actual new computer. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back.

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