Double Click on Drive does not open

We all have experienced someday or the other, this problem of Windows XP in which when we double click on the drive it does not open or some dialog box opens up but not the drive. Yes, you know it right; the problem is caused by some virus activity and if you don’t know

how to open this, here is the fix (just make sure that the virus has been removed, else the problem will persist):

When the problem happens, it means that there is a file named “Autorun.inf” in the root drive, but you will not be able to view it as it is a system file. This file is rarely caught by the anti virus. This file makes sure to run the virus and infect your system. This is the file which is responsible to run the dialog box that appears on autoplay. So this is a useless file for sure.

Common sense says to delete this file but even that is not easy as it possesses system, hidden and read only attributes. So,

1.    First go to cmd, type “attrib X:\Autorun.inf –s –r –h” without quotes where X is your drive name which is having the problem.

2.    Now the file is visible and ready to delete.

3.    After deleting the file, close the explorer and open it again or just give a reboot to the computer, your problem is fixed.

Well this is the best and easy fix available without using any software.

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  1. i did the same process suggested by you but i still have a problem.when i double click the drive i get a message that the drive is being used by another program.i cant open my usb drives netheir my hard

  2. Hi my problem is that the drive wen attached to p.c does not open on double clickin …i have formatted it yet no luck…. how to open this drive …?? n i guess i dnt have autorun.inf problem coz i have olredy formatted it …
    plz help @ d earliest
    tnx …!!!!!

  3. @Mona
    Formatting didn’t help you because your PC is already containing autorun.inf file, so it creates a copy of it soon after formatting. Format it from system that is not infected with autorun.
    You can also method listed in the post for your help.

  4. sir my pendrive contains virus and its nt opeaning at all i tired doing all nw wat should i do … it contains imp documents and i dnt want to del it ..plz advise

  5. hey
    i’ve tried this method but i get a error dialog box “DISK NOT FOUND”
    also m not able to format my disk

  6. hi,, i m getting the same issue and one file is showing in pendrive,,, and whenever i restart my pc, it shows me the error “regsvr.exe” is not found,,,

    please helppp

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