Download all Images of a Webpage in Firefox using Image Picker

If you like downloading images from a web page then you must know how much irritating it is to download all the images of a webpage one by one. To download images what you do is right click on it and select the option of “Save Image as…” but it would become a tedious job if you want to save all the images of the web page.

Well if you are a Firefox browser user then you can bypass this hurdle and quickly save all the images of the webpage with a single click with the help of this firefox add-on called Image Picker. This extension will let you save either single images or multiple images at once.

What you need to do is just integrate this add-on with your browser, right click anywhere on the webpage having images to be downloaded and select the Pick Images option from the context menu. This will open the dialog box having all the images selected, either browse through and select your favourite images or click the save button to save all the images together.

Using the filter in this add-on you can also get the images listed according to the filter specified by you like that of size or the file type jpg, png etc. The extension creates a folder itself and saves all the images there.
Let us know how did you like the tool.

Download Image Picker

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