Download Angry Birds Game for Chrome and Computer

Whether you like playing games or not, you must have heard about this popular game called Angry Birds. This game has become so popular that most of us have this installed on our mobile phones or the iPads. So if you don’t like to remain away from this game then you can install this on your computer as well as play on your Chrome browser too.

In case you missed what this game is all about, then here is a short summary. It all started when the green pigs stole the birds’ eggs which made the parent birds angry. So use the unique destructive power of the birds and crash in the castle build by the pigs. Take revenge and show the pigs what birds are capable of.

Sounds interesting? You will love the game too. The game is generally available on the portable devices like the mobile phones and the tablets but now you can play the game in your Chrome browser too. The game can also be downloaded and installed on your computer as well.

So what are you waiting for, just give this game a try and let us know.

Download Angry Birds for Chrome
Download Angry Birds for Computer

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