Download Bigger and Colourful Cursors

Is your cursor too small for you? Windows provide the same old default mouse cursor with no colour and nothing new. If you are among those who do not like this default cursor and want to install some bigger cut colourful cursors then this post is for you.

In this post you will find some cursors with different shapes, sizes and colours to give your system an all new look. You will find these cursor packs more interesting if you are bored of the same old default cursor.

Bigger Cursors and Chunky Cursors are the mouse pointer packs that can provide you with those bigger and colourful cursors to give your system a new environment. What you need to do is just download these cool cursor files and extract them into the Windows/Cursors folder.

That’s it you are ready to use these new cursors for your system.

Download Bigger Cursors
Download Chunky Cursors

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