Download Enhanced Event Viewer for Windows

If you have already tried out the Event Viewer present in Windows then you must have known its usefulness but for the others who don’t know about it, here are some details. Event Viewer is a great way of viewing the system events created at different times.

Event Viewer helps is finding the detailed information about the system logs. Despite this there were few things that the default event viewer lacked and this has been developed by the Technet Blog in the enhanced version called Enhanced Event Viewer.

The Enhanced Event Viewer has new features like the searching and auto show up the new events created along with the following features:

• Easy to navigate among the Logs.
• Easy to filter events.
• Easy to do Search.
• Click away to access it.
• Connect to remote machine’s Event Log.
• Listener to show new event entry automatically.
• Better User Experience and lot more

Download Enhanced Event Viewer

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