Download entire Folders from Dropbox to Android

In previous article Transfer Data from Android Phone to Dropbox Automatically, we have mentioned the way to transfer data from your android device to Dropbox directly, which makes it easy to create backups and preserve your content. In this post you will get to know that how you can download the entire content from Dropbox to your android device.

If you have installed a Dropbox Android client on your device and you’ve already set up your account on the Dropbox app then you really have the option to download your Dropbox data in bulk. All you have to do is just visit the link given below and download the application called Folder Downloader for Dropbox.

After installing the application, Authenticate the app to access contents of your Dropbox app (it won’t save your password). After the authentication process, you will see the Dropbox directories on your screen. You can choose any of the folders that you want to download. When you will long press on the folder, the app will ask you to specify the location, where you want to get the contents of the folder downloaded.

The app will work in the background smoothly and will not disturb you at all,, while you are busy in some other work. You can check the list of the files that have been downloaded till now. Once the installation gets completed, it will prompt you in the notification bar. You can even add new folders to manage your stuff.

This app will not use much of your device memory. The interface of this app is really easy to use and the app is really very handy. The only drawback that we have found with this app is that you can’t download multiple folders in one go. We hope that soon the developer will bring this feature into the application.

Download Folder Downloader for Dropbox

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