Download Entire Wikipedia for Offline Access on PC and Android with Kiwix

Wikipedia is one of the major sources of information on internet. Not even for the college or school students, for everyone looking for any kind of information, Wikipedia is the one best source. If the information you are looking for is anything relevant or famous it is bound to be present in the Wikipedia.

While searching the entire Wikipedia is not that difficult, as all you just need is an internet connection but suppose you need to travel for long time and would not be having the internet connection with you and want to pass time by reading the wiki pages, then how would you do that? Well you can have an offline library of the entire Wikipedia.


This also goes for some schools or colleges that want to show something to the students but might not have internet connection in the class, offline Wikipedia can help. Here is a tool for this purpose called as Kiwix that lets you download the wiki library on your computer or even on your Android phone so that you can access the information bank even being offline.


Kiwix is really easy to use. It provides a range of features which make the usage comfortable.

Wiki search: Search the library like you are searching the entire wiki.
Portable: Can be carried in the USB drive
Support: You can use it with all main desktop operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple Mac OSX and GNU/Linux compatible personal computers.
• Small and easy to use
Library: Once downloaded, you can use the library anytime

The tool is really useful if you wish to use it offline and at your convenience. The tool works well on the phones too like Apple and Android, just be sure of the library size before downloading as it can get in GBs.

You can read more about Kiwix and give it a try from the link below.

Download Kiwix

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