Download Facebook Messenger for windows 7

Facebook is considered as the best social networking site but the Facebook chat is dealing with some serious issues. Most people complain that they are not able to see their friends online, even if they are online. The users also comment that the Facebook chat is not really working that good like it used to. If the chat is not working properly then what is the use of such type of social networking site.

Hence to overcome this problem Facebook had launched a Facebook Messenger earlier in the month of December. But there were some issues related to bugs the reason why Facebook stopped this service to get these bugs fixed and to build a better application. So recently Facebook had launched its official Facebook Messenger for windows 7. It is amazing and easy to use. It notifies you immediately and provides you better interface to chat with your friends.

The application will give you updated information on Notifications, News Ticker, proper chat facility. The application is perfectly designed for windows 7 desktop. It is the best application to chat when you are working on something else and don’t wish to open a browser. If you like Facebook you should definitely have this application.

If you don’t have windows 7 and you are using windows XP, linux, macbook then don’t worry as Facebook has already announced that they are working on this and will bring the app for such users also. This will definitely enhance your chatting experience.

Download official Facebook Messenger

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