How to Download Files from a Webpage in One Go (chrome)

In today’s time, we don’t like to wait, neither for downloading any file from internet or for loading a webpage. But when it comes to downloading files from a webpage, whether it is document, photographs, spreadsheets or songs, we can’t change the system of downloading files from a page one by one.

If we have to download multiple files we have to click on them one by one to download all of them because each file has a different download link. You need an extension or software to download multiple files at the same time. Download Master is that extension which can help you to download any number of files present on a webpage simultaneously.

With this extension you can download all images, videos, PDF, doc and any other files present on the web page you are visiting. When you will install this extension you will find a new icon on your chrome toolbar. You can access this extension from that icon anytime.

Whenever you come across any webpage, where you find many files to download you have to simply click on that icon and a pop-up window will appear in front of you. You can select any and as many files to download from the list of the files present on that webpage. However you won’t be able to see the name of the files, you will have to check the file formats. You can select/deselect the files that you want to download.

However this extension is not that perfect as it does not arrange your downloads, it actually opens the files that you are downloading simultaneously. And if you are downloading large files and there are many numbers of files then it will take a lot of time. But yes, you can give it try.

Download “Download Master”

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