Download Files in any format using Safari on iPhone

All the Apple device users are well aware of the fact that it is hardly possible to download every type of file using Safari as the browser by default does not support all file formats. Thus to download files that are not supported by Safari, the users are dependent on third party applications. 

On the other hand iFile is well developed app to manage every file formats. So if we get a tweak that is a combination of Safari and iFile, then only the actual powers of your browser will be unleashed. However a newly released tweak is available but that could be used only of you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This tweak is known as Safari Download Enabler.

With this you can download any file, opening it in iFile or any cloud service of your choice (like SkyDrive or Dropbox). It won’t add a new button to the menu; Safari Download Enabler simply replaces the Add to Reading List button with the Download button. It is suggested to get iFile, SkyDrive or Dropbox before you install this tweak. This will help the tweak to function perfectly.

Since it works automatically, it will not add any new settings to your device. Once you install Safari Download Enabler, you will have to launch Safari on your device. After this to check whether it works or not, go to that file which was not supported by the browser previously. Then long press the file link and you will find that button named Download Linked File is enabled, click on the button and the downloading process will start.

This tweak could be a great help for those who usually use their phone to download various files. This tweak is easy to use and is available free of cost. Thus if you have a jailbroken phone then you should give it a try. You can find Safari Download Enabler from the BigBoss repository on Cydia. iFile is also available in the Cydia Store via BigBoss repository.

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