Download Free Christmas Tree Apps for your Desktop

I am eagerly waiting for this holiday season every year and always like to decorate the house and other stuffs. Most of us also like to decorate the Christmas tree at their place but what about your desktop? Why should your computer look so simple and plain?

It is a Christmas festival and you should also feel excited every time you look at your computer screen, isn’t it? Thus here are lots of free Christmas Tree apps that you can download and run on your system. This will make sure that you are every time in the holiday mood.

We did share a simple tree app last year but this time we are sharing a website that can help you decorate your computer screen. The website link is provided at the bottom of the article and you can download for free any type of Christmas tree app on your computer.

Using the app is very simple too, you just need to download and run it on your machine and it will right away place a tree on your monitor. You can then drag and place it anywhere on your screen and configure some settings according to you.

Since the app is a run-only file, it does not require any installation. This comes handy after the Christmas when you wish to remove the app from your machine. All you have to do is just delete the app (or save it for next year).

So here is me wishing all the TS readers Merry Christmas 2012.

Download Free Animated Christmas Tree Apps

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