Download Free Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows Vista

No doubt Windows 7 is the best Windows OS launched till date all because of its features like reliability, speed etc. But if you are using Windows Vista and thinking to turn over to Windows 7, then here is something good for you.

Microsoft has officially stated to start working upon the new OS Windows 8. Despite the fact that its design is not yet revealed, some geeks have developed a package with more futurists look to the Windows 7 which they call the Windows 8 Professional Edition.

Windows 8 Professional Edition is a package containing a lot of new GUIs for Windows Vista like redesigned taskbar, Explorer, new boot screen and login screen, etc. The transformation tutorial will enable you to have following things modified:

•    Windows Theme or Visual Style
•    Login Screen or Welcome Screen
•    Taskbar
•    Taskbar clock, System try icon & Quick Launch
•    Wallpapers
•    About Windows Box
•    System Properties
•    Extra

Download Transformation Pack/Read the tutorial

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2 comments on “Download Free Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows Vista
  1. Mark Graves says:

    Live intelligence, Windows 8 should be with us in 2 years. One of Microsofts subsidiary companies leaked the awaited release date over the weekend. Lets trust it pursues the Windows 7 evolution process.I do not want to receive another Vista debacle

  2. STRIKER says:

    this pack is fuckin’ shit
    i’ll wait not-fake win8

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