Download Google Chrome with 17 Pre-Installed Games

Google Chrome could be termed as one of the great browsers these days. Its speed and support are the key features of its emergence as a powerful browser lately. It supports extensions that make a user friendly environment, also these extensions provides some features that results in the optimum utilization of the browser.

If we take a look on the previous versions of chrome, one can easily figure it out that it was Chrome 10 dev. version that came with 2 pre installed games that always appeared on the ‘New tab’ page. After this no other version has been created that comes bundled with games. Games can be added only after the consent of the user. You can add various games from chrome web store to play in your browser.

If you are fond of gaming or should I say addicted to gaming, then Google had developed a Google Chrome build that comes pre-installed with 17 games for you to enjoy. There should be no issue in using this version of the browser.

These pre-installed games include Bejeweled, Angry Birds, Cut the rope and others. You can try these games by installing the browser from the link given at the bottom. However if you think that you don’t require all the 17 games then you can customize your browser easily by adding your favorite games from Chrome Web Store.

So quickly grab your version of Google chrome and spend your summer time playing such beautiful games on your browser. All these 17 games are really fun to play. One more interesting thing here to note is that anyhow if you are travelling and don’t have access to internet then also you can enjoy your favorite games offline.

Download Chrome with 17 preinstalled games

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