Download High Definition Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7

Microsoft’s latest OS release called Windows 8 is available through different official channels and if you are one of those who like Windows 8 much, then am sure you are going to love this new theme too.  New themes and wallpapers always look better on screen as they tend to make you feel good and help you in relaxing.

7tutorials have released one Windows 8 Inspired Theme which is a combination of three themes which you can use on your Windows 7 OS. Using this Windows 8 Inspired Theme you can get the feeling of working on Windows 8, right on your Windows 7 system.

The theme not only includes the default Windows 8 wallpaper but some more new and fresh looking wallpapers. The theme now comes as a combination of 3 themes namely Flowers, Earth and Lock Screen. The Flowers theme includes some new and lively flower images that are bundled in the Windows 8 for you to enjoy on your Win 7 machine.

The second theme named Earth is a combination of 6 images that show scenic beauty of the world.

The final theme known as Lock Screen includes all those images that are used by the Windows 8 OS as Lock wallpapers.

Thus in case you are unable to switch to Windows 8 but would still like to enjoy the themes and wallpapers then you can visit the link below and download it on your system. If in case you are working on system other than Win 7 then you can download and extract the pack and select the wallpaper to enjoy it. [Via 7tutorials]

Download Windows 8 Inspired Theme for Windows 7

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