Download Password Depot (Password Manager for Windows) for Free

When you have lot many websites and online profiles to login, you need a password for every page and supposedly a new one for every website. Be it, your bank account, facebook, twitter, your email, ebay or paypal, you need a password for every website you need to login. Managing these passwords can be really difficult, as you need to not only create difficult to guess passwords but also need to remember them without even writing or telling them to someone.

Hence the need for a password manager is a must. A password manager is software that can manage the passwords you create for you, and can also help you create stronger passwords. One such password manager is called as Password Depot which will not only help you protect your passwords from unauthorized access but also help in managing all of your passwords using a powerful and intuitive interface.


With Password Depot, you’ll enjoy two levels of protection – once from an internal key, and again by a master password that grants you access to the program. Best of all, all password fields are protected from keyloggers, those evil programs that lie in wait, monitoring and recording your keystrokes. Same holds true for clipboard viewing programs.


You can also use the integrated password generator to create strong passwords and let it remember for you, so that you don’t have to. Plus, your password file can be easily backed up on an external drive or FTP server, ensuring that you’ll never lose access to your sites, even if your computer gets corrupted.

What’s More?

The tool Password Depot is currently free to download (which is $35 otherwise) for another 12 hrs (from the time of writing this post). All you have to do is just click the green button that says “Get it for Free” and then “like” the company on Facebook. After this you will need to provide your email address to get the license code on your email, so that you can unlock this tool and use the professional version for free.

So what are you waiting for? Download it for yourself and share the news among your friends.

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