Download ProgressBar Clock for Windows

If you are bored up with your Windows’ default clock then here is a simple but attractive clock that shows you time with detailed info in a progress bar form.

The clock is called ProgressBar Clock as this clock shows you time in graphical progress bar form. The clock not only shows you seconds, minutes and hours but also info about years, months and days. Since the time is displayed in the progress bar form some of you might be wondering if it would be easier to make out the time or not. For that purpose the clock also has labels attached so that finding the exact time is not a problem.

Apart from the above stated usual feature the clock also showcases a stylish glossy look with the added feature of alarm. Yes the clock would also provide you with the alarm feature right on your system.

The only thing to note about it is it requires Windows Vista or Windows 7 with windows aero installed and .NET Framework 4.

Download ProgressBar Clock

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