Download Rapidshare Files Instantly with Mipony

We like downloading stuffs from various file sharing websites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, 4shared etc but the thing is we need to wait some time to be able to download files from them if we are free users. There may be many tools or tips available to bypass the time limit but the latest one that I heard about lately is called Mipony.

Mipony is a program to facilitate the download of files from free host sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, Easy-share, MediaFire and Filefactory etc. Mipony is a Windows download manager which automatically downloads the file in the order you indicate it to do so and by copying and pasting the links. When you download files from host sites, you usually find that there are restrictions that make you stay tuned to download. Mipony manages all these restrictions and controls the validation keys, the waiting times, the server selection, the daily download limit, etc.

The tool has an in-built web browser as well so that you don’t need to launch a separate one when searching the links. Put the addresses of the files in Mipony and the program will be in charge of everything to have the files downloaded as fast as possible. Mipony also checks every link to see if the file has been deleted from the server or if it is available to be downloaded.

Once the link has been added to the download list, the files will be downloaded while you navigate and if you close the download program, the downloads will be restarted when you start the program again. Mipony also has the option to join the files together (HJ Split files).

The tool is definitely worth a try.

Download Mipony

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