Download, Save and Convert Facebook Videos with AVGO Free Facebook Video Downloader

I like to spend some time on Facebook daily not because I got some spare time lol, but because I feel it also helps you in increasing your knowledge base. There are so many videos that our friends share on Facebook each day, watching which helps in gaining an insight to their culture and other things. There are videos which I like to watch again and again, like those of motivational kinds but it is not possible for me to login again to see. Then a simple solution in that case would be to save the videos in our computer for viewing offline.

Videos can be of two types, either Youtube videos or Facebook Videos. While you can save Youtube videos with some Youtube video downloader, here is a simple tool that will help you in saving any Facebook video too. With the help of this tool called as “AVGO Free Facebook Video Downloader”, you can easily download and save the video on your hard drive.

All you got to do is just install this tool, and next time you come across any video that you need to download, just copy the Facebook URL of the video (or open it in a new tab and copy the Facebook URL) and paste the URL in the tool so that it can locate the video to download (It has been found that the tool automatically pulls the URL into the form just when you copy it thereby preventing the need to pasting it, which will save you time).


Now you have two options either to just download the video or download and convert it into some specific format. The tool will automatically convert into some format if you wish to convert it, however if you just wish to download it then you need to select the video resolution before starting the download.

AVGO Free Facebook Video Downloader is a good tool just for the sole purpose of downloading Facebook videos and converting them into appropriate format without the need of any other tool. The tool has been found to work well on Windows XP, 7 and 8.

Download AVGO Free Facebook Video Downloader

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