Download Subtitles of a Downloaded Movie Automatically

It happens sometimes (at least this happens to me), while downloading any movie from Internet we don’t download the subtitle but later when we watch the movie we realize the need of the subtitles. So whether it is the same case with you or you just wish to download the subtitles of any movie that is with you already for some time, then you can do so easily.

There are lots of applications that can help in this case, but here is SubiT which is easier to use too. You can download the subtitles of any movie you have easily, either by searching and looking up the internet, dragging the movie title on to this application or simply by right clicking the movie and selecting the option from context menu.

If you are pretty sure of the rip of the movie, then you can directly search the subtitle from within the main program window. This will produce a list of subtitles available with the subtitle providers and you can select the appropriate one manually. But in case you are unaware of the rip of the movie, then you can drag and drop the movie on to this program and have it searched for you.

Alternatively, you can also make use of the right click context menu option that you will get when you will right click on the movie title. This will automatically search the right subtitle for you by opening up the application. Once done, the program will also terminate automatically. This is by far the easiest of the methods available.

The program is free to use and works good with both Windows and Linux. You can download the tool using the link provided below.

Download SubiT

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