Download TweakUI PowerToy for Windows XP 32 Bit

TweakUI is a great tool that can be used to make some changes in the Windows system easily and that too without any deep knowledge of the system. Even if you are not that geeky, you can still use the tool to configure your system according to your needs.

There are occasions when some unwanted changes have been done into your system like disabling the task manager etc by some computer malware; this tool can also help some settings back to the original.

So whether it is about Taskbar, Desktop, Mouse, Control Panel or other setting, TweakUI can help you in setting up many items. This is a quite old tool and is easily available for download. However the tool available to download is for 64 bit OS and if you try to install the 64 bit version on your 32 bit OS, you will see the above error message.

For all of you who are looking for 32 bit versions of TweakUI for Win XP, here are the download links so that you don’t need to search it on the web and spend your time.

There are two download links available based on your system. If you are running on a Win XP machine with SP1 or higher, then download the version 2.1 but in case you are running a Win XP without a SP then go for the version 2.0

Download TweakUI 32 bit version 2.1
Download TweakUI 32 bit version 2.0

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