Download Way2SMS Desktop Client for Windows

If you are a person who likes to send lots and lots of text messages every day to your buddies whether it is about studies, work or just time pass, you are definitely going to like this post. Sending text messages from cellphone is one thing and sending via web (online) is another. These days there are many online services which you can make use of to send sms in your country free of cost.

Way2SMS is one such famous service that has been helping people to send text messages to anyone in India for free. But to be able to use this service, you need to have an account on the Way2SMS that is you need to be registered so that there is no spamming through this service. Also what I used to do to send messages was, I went online and have to visit the website and login to be able to send texts.

But this is somewhat repetitive task which can be avoided. Moreover with the help of a desktop client you can stay away from the popups and website ads and save time. In case you are not aware of this yet, there is a Way2SMS Desktop Client developed by Arun Sarkar which you can install on your machine and use to send sms to anyone in India.

You don’t even need to login and visit the website again as everything is included in the application itself. Just make sure to install .Net Framework first so that the application can run without any hassle. With this desktop client you can still access all the features as the website like sending the Bulk SMS, Schedule your texts and even access your contact list.

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