Now Download Wikipedia E-Book as PDF or EPUB

Wikipedia is one of the most viewed websites for information gathering and learning about almost anything. Till now if someone had to view the pages on Wikipedia, they were required to visit the page online either through a website or a mobile device but recently Wikipedia had incorporated a new feature into their webpage using which users can download their own liked content as a book and read it anywhere and onto the supported mobile devices.

The reason why I liked this feature so much is that we can not only download the ebook but can also create one of our choice, this means that if you like any article on Wiki, you can add it to the ebook and when you feel it had gathered enough information, you can download this custom created e-book in either pdf or epub format for free which can be read on almost any electronic device you have whether a computer, a cellphone or a tablet.

This feature will come handy in those times when you are at a place (or while travelling) where you don’t have an internet connection but still like to read something. Creating an e-book on Wikipedia is very simple too, what you need to do is activate the ‘Create a book’ link located in the left sidebar of Wikipedia in the ‘print/export’ section. Now you can compile the personal collection of articles you wish to add in the e-book.

Now you can download the book as PDF or EPUB book or simply order a printed book via PediaPress which is the official print-on-demand partner of Wikipedia. This was announced by Wikipedia officially and you can read more about it here.

Let us know if this feature impressed you.

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