Download Windows File Icons for free with Free File Icons

Icons make stuffs look interesting and easier to differentiate between different items. Windows also have lot of icons and a separate icon for different file formats. For every format in Windows there is an icon and sometimes we feel the need to change the icon as per our needs. Well this is also possible to do in Windows; you can select any custom icon too. However if you are a developer, designer or some webmaster you might need these icons for your project.

There is no way to get these icons so that you can use them for your purpose. You might want some image icon or an executable icon for the software that you developed. Then how should you do it?


With this free web service called Free File Icons, you can download the complete package of the icons for your personal use. Free File Icons is a free community project. This large collection of file icons is supposed to help developers, designers or webmasters improve their designs or developments on their web sites and applications.

To be able to use the icons you just need to download the package from the link provided at the end of this article and select the icon which is already in the icon size that is 16X16 and in the png format.

The package right now includes 106 file icons which are enough to get you going. From all the famous file format icons to the not so commonly used icons, you will find it in the package.

If you feel the icons are right for you then you can download them from the link below.

Download Free File Icons

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