Download your Facebook photos in a single ZIP archive

We all have friends on Facebook, don’t we? Some of them are acquaintance, some are unknown, some are just friends and some are special to us. Sometimes we also have our relatives are also added in our profile. Now a days Facebook is taken as the best way to share photographs. We all update/upload photographs on our walls.

But sometimes we find that there are a lot of photographs in an album and watching it online makes it cumbersome and involves a lot of time. Using Facebook2Zip you can download those albums in one go and view them on your PC. The albums downloaded using this service will be a Zip file that can be extracted and viewed even being offline.

To download albums all you need is to log into your Facebook account with your username and password using this service. You can download your own albums as well as your friend’s albums. But you can download those albums only that you can access with your Facebook account. Moreover you can make an individual selection and multiple selections of albums.

Somehow if you have made a wrong selection you can cancel and start selecting again. You can easily download any album (if it passes the privacy policy). This service is really fast but the time for downloading albums depends on the size of the album.

It is a free online service and useful as it saves time in going through each of them. Visit the link given below and start using the service. So go ahead, download the albums and easily show it to your family and friends. This will even help you to remove unacceptable content while showing it to your family (in case it is there).

Visit Facebook2Zip

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