Download YouTube Videos in any Bit Rate in MP3, MP4 or FLV Format

There are several applications that allow you to convert and download YouTube videos in MP4, MP3 and other formats. But the biggest drawback is that these applications lead you to third party websites to convert the videos. In order to overcome this drawback, Mozilla Firefox has introduced a new extension that offers something really amazing.

This extension is known as YouTube MP3 Podcaster that will help you to directly download YouTube videos without using any third party software. Not only YouTube, using this extension you can download videos from other popular services such as Daily Motion and as well.

With this extension you can even change the quality of videos; you can remove unwanted introductions and download videos in various video and audio formats (MP3, MP4, FLV) and resolutions (HD and Full HD) easily without using any third party application.

When you will install this application, you will notice that an icon will be placed to the bottom-right of the video which will look like a slider with a scissor. Along with this icon you will find multiple formats and resolutions, such as MP3, MP4, FLV, HD and Full HD. Whenever you want to download a video, click on the desired format, then select the format and move the slider. This will open a popup window asking you to set the location to save the video.

After you have selected the download format, the downloading will not start until you “pause” the video. Overall this is a good extension with which you can easily download videos in your desired format, without incorporating much effort. You can download the extension using the link given below.

Install YouTube MP3 Podcaster Add-On For Firefox

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