How to Download YouTube Videos directly to your Android Phone

Whenever you want to watch a video on your smartphone, you would definitely head towards the YouTube application installed on your system or on the phone. Then you search for the video and wait for the streaming/buffering of the video. But I personally feel that it is better to download it on your device and then view it as you have the option of saving it for future reference with the same amount of data consumed as it would have been otherwise.

Also because sometimes we have to go through from many annoying issues like buffering, connectivity, coverage problem, data streaming, low Internet speed, etc. Now I am sure you would be thinking that if you have to download it, then why you don’t watch it on your laptop/desktop as you don’t have any option to download a video from YouTube on your Android Device.

But now if you want, you can download videos from YouTube directly on your android phone. A free YouTube Downloader for Android developed by Wontube can be used to download videos easily. When you want to download a video, you have to launch the app and search for the video that you want to download.

Once you find the video, select the video and you will be greeted with two options- ‘Play’ & ‘Download’, you can tap on the download button to get it downloaded. The video will be saved in the app library and you can play it later even when you are offline.

You might be worried if the video will be supported by your Smartphone or not. Then don’t worry as all the YouTube videos can be played easily on your device without converting them. In my view this is the easiest way to download a video on your android device.

Download Free YouTube Downloader for Android

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  1. Did not work on nexus 7 with chrome 32 gig 31 gig avail. Had to install a plug in. Still would not work. Period.

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