Download Youtube Videos in a Click

I had been using this way to download Youtube videos for quite some time but just realized that I didn’t share this with you people.

Downloading videos from Youtube can’t get easier than this as using this method you neither require any tool nor any online site. What you all need is your video that you are watching over Youtube.

How to Download

This extremely way is provided by Pwn Youtube in which you just need to place the mouse cursor before the Y of Youtube url and enter pwn through keyboard and hit Enter.

[screenshot via pwn youtube]

That’s it the video will be redirected to the download page from which you can either download the low quality flv video or the high quality mp4 file.

Yes, you need no software and no copy paste of the link for this. With this you can also download any youtube video embedded in any public web page just by typing before the link of the site (after http) example:

Can downloading videos from Youtube get easier than this?

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