Drag and Enhance your Facebook Chat Window (Chrome)

Facebook which is one of the most accessed web page today is mostly used for seeing the updates of others, updating our wall with new messages, staying in touch with others and also with chatting our buddies. While using Facebook Chat is a good option for chatting, it is quite simple and plain looking and fixed at bottom right corner of our browser too.

Here is an extension for the Chrome users that can enhance your Facebook Chat experience. It can not only add certain features but can also allow you to drag your FB chat window to any position on the screen (only within the Chrome browser).

Here are some features that you can get using this extension called Pretty Facebook Chat:

Draggable Facebook Chat window: Drag the window anywhere within Chrome to suit your comfort.

Bigger Facebook Chat window: The extension makes the chat window bigger than the actual size for better experience.

Cool list of Emoticons: The extension add some cool emoticons, moreover you can also send your friend’s thumbnail profile pic as emoticon.

Little animation.

Follow the video below to see how this extension works.

The extension is very easy to use as you just need to install it in your browser. If you are someone who chat a lot on Facebook, then you should definitely go for it.

Download Pretty Facebook Chat

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