Dual Monitor Tools for your Multiple Monitor System

Most people use multiple monitors for their machine as it acts as an extension to their display and also allow them to use many applications with ease on the same system. Organizing the applications and windows also become so easy that they like using multiple monitors a lot.

While using dual monitors on a same machine is useful, using them with the default Windows keys is not easy. If you plan to attach a second monitor with your first screen, then you should definitely check the Dual Monitor Tools mentioned below.

Here is a pack of some important and useful tools using which your life would definitely become easier. The pack is called Dual Monitor Tools and consists of following five free tools:

DisMon: You can use this tool to disable a specific monitor when you plan not to display the apps running on it or when there is nothing much important going on in it.

Dual Launcher: This tool is for the people who like working with many apps at a same time. Using this tool you can fix the position of any application so that it opens at the same screen and position configured by you independent of the position where it was closed.

DualSnap: This can be used to take snapshots of any screen you are using.

Dual Wallpaper: Use this to either set the same wallpaper on the both the screens in a stretched manner or just select different wallpapers on each of them.

Swap Screen: Use this tool to move different applications and windows to different monitors by using keyboard shortcuts or by using the icon in the system tray.

This pack of the tools is right for you if you are using dual monitors on your system or plan to use them in near future.

Download Dual Monitor Tools

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