Dynamically Change your iOS Device Keyboard Color

As I always say, default apps and settings provided in our devices like phone or tablets are too basic and provide no customization which might look pretty boring to people over the time. Same goes with the iOS device keyboards. The default keyboard is very simple and can go really boring over the time.

Well if you have a jailbroken iPhone (to increase its functionality) here are couple of famous tweaks that you can install on your phone for better usage and look of the keyboard.

The first one is called BlueBoard and as the name of the app suggests, it paints your keyboard keys blue while the background stays light and the same.


The tweak changes the color on both the dark and the light versions of the iOS keyboard so all you see is blue keys. This can be interesting to see if you are bored up of your old and plain looking keyboard. BlueBoard is available for free in the Cydia store.

Here is a second one which might look better than the BlueBoard, it’s called as AdaptiveKeyboard.


AdaptiveKeyboard is little more interesting as it is dynamic and changes color for every app that you use based on the color of the app icon. Just for instance, your complete keyboard (keys with the background) will go green for the WhatsApp while Blue for the Facebook app. In case the icon has more than one color, then the more prominent one will be chosen as the color of the keyboard. Just remember to disable the BlueBoard otherwise they might conflict.

However it might be the case that you like the color sometimes and dislike the other times, but then you will have to cope with it. AdaptiveKeyboard is available ModMyi repo for $0.99, so if you feel it’s worth it, then go ahead and install it.

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