EA Sports Launches Need for Speed The Run

Are you a gaming fan? I am one, and I like playing many games on the computer (not on PS, I guess), like NFS and Counter Strike etc. Well if you are also one of the persons who have enjoyed all the series of the NFS till now, like the NFS Most Wanted, Underground, Carbon, Shift or Hot Pursuit then here is some really good news for you.

Electronic Arts or popularly known as EA sports, have officially released the latest entry to the NFS club yesterday with The Run. The latest game is called Need for Speed The Run, and the game is actually the run for your life. If you win, you are entitled to the huge amount of prize money but if you lose then you are dead.

The graphics in the game are, as usual, awesome and this time it looks more appealing to the eyes. You will just love the game trailer, if you haven’t seen it yet. The game stage is set in USA, and the sound effects and the animations are really amazing (at least this is what the trailer looks like till now).

You would definitely be requiring a decent graphics card in your machine, and if you don’t have one, get it right now :P. While the actual configuration required to run the game is unclear to me, I suppose if your system is a recent one, it shall possess the basic things required to run it.

You will be racing on the streets full of traffic, hills, city and even on the snowy mountains. I have started loving the game and seriously can’t wait to get my hands on the wheel. What about you? So common, gear up and race for your life. RUN!

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