Easily Link broken .IMG and .ISO File Associations

If you have been working a lot with the disks you must have known about the file formats used for burning disk images. The disk images come majorly in 2 formats .IMG and .ISO and any of these can be used to burn the image onto a disk.

These formats are generally linked to the disk burners installed in the system. Disk burners are the tools that are used to burn the images to the disc with ease. However it may happen that these formats are showing as unknown files in your system, this is because the file association has been broken and no longer double clicking on it opens the default image burner.

So if you are also looking for the solution to solve this issue, then here is a simple process that can get your work done. The steps are very simple to follow, provided as follows:

1. Click the Start button and select the Default Programs button.

2. Now click Set your default programs.

3. Select Windows Disc Image Burner from the list.

4. Now select the option of Set this program as default.

Now your iso and img files would be recognized by the system.

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