Easily Update your System Drivers with DriverIdentifier

System Drivers are the most important constituent of our system as with the help of these only we are able to use other hardware like video, audio and other things. By default most of our systems have the drivers installed in our systems but it can happen that due to some malfunction drivers gets lost and we need to install them back. But what if you don’t have the driver CD with you?

Our Update settings in the computer are such that we regularly gets the notifications to update them but it is not always possible to update them. So whatever be the case, here is a tool called DriverIdentifier that can help you in scanning your system for the installed Drivers and suggests you to update them in one go.

What DriverIdentifier does is, it scans your system for the installed drivers and checks their online database for any updates, thereby suggesting you to update them. This means that you don’t need to manually visit each website and update the system. You just need to click the Scan Drivers button for it to display the list within seconds to you. The only concern I found was that it displays the list in the web browser rather than the desktop window.

The information displayed consists of system hardware details at the top and the driver details below. The driver information is also displayed with many other details like manufacturer name, version and release date etc. The tool is free to download and works well with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows. Just pay attention while installing as it might change your web homepage or install some toolbar.

Download DriverIdentifier

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