Easily Upload and Share Files Online with SimpleShare

There are lot of ways to share files and data online with your friends and we have also written about it couple of times. This one is another cool way of doing the same thing thus here is another post mentioning the same.

If you have lot of images or files to share with your friends, then try this simple desktop app called SimpleShare. SimpleShare is a desktop app designed to easily upload files and screenshots right from your desktop to your online Box account.

Yes you will need to have an online Box account but since this is also a free service you can sign up anytime and claim your 5GB of free space instantly. Using this SimpleShare service you can enjoy lot of cool features like:

• Right click on any folder and upload it directly by selecting the option from the context menu.

• Drag and drop feature also available. You can drop the file/folder to the desktop Box icon that appears after you install the SimpleShare app.

Screenshots are uploaded automatically.

• Share the links of files uploaded by you with your friends easily.

• Access it anywhere.

• Compatible on both Windows and Mac

If you haven’t used any online file sharing service till now, then do try this one.

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