Edit A PDF On The Go

In the industry it is seen as something of a truism that technology defines the way that we work rather than the way we work defining technology.
For instance, innovations such as palm pilots and notebooks seemed to have been created to fit into the working methods and patterns of business yet they both failed. Then you have devices such as the iPad, for which there seems to be no identifiable need that take the world by storm and redefine how we conduct our day-to-day lives.

The evolution of the tablet computer – from the iPad to alternatives such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and offerings from companies such as Dell – has led to a world where many more of us are working on the move. The office is no longer the only place to get work done, or to hold meetings, it is simply a basecamp. For several people, the ‘office’ is now with them wherever they are.

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So if you can take part in meetings, stay in touch with colleagues and review documentation on the move, why shouldn’t you be editing a PDFwhile on the train, or adding comments and bookmarks to a PDF file in the back of a cab? Thanks to applications such as Smart Office, you have the opportunity to do work which would have previously required you to be stuck at the desk, wherever you happen to be. With the capability to edit and create PDF documents on your iPad, and then transfer to a desktop computer or laptop at a later date, the lines between mobile and static working are more blurred than ever.

You may find it hard to imagine yourself editing a PDF on a tablet but once you have tried it, and felt how intuitive it can be, you’ll be itching to try it out on your smartphone and with apps such as iPDFWriter and PDF Splicer available for iPhone (and with iPhone 5’s improved screen), it won’t be long until you’re editing PDFs in bed, at the golf course or even in a restaurant.

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