Edit or Delete Internet Explorer Address Bar History

If you are surfing the web on Internet Explorer and want to delete the URLs from the history that gets listed as a drop down menu when we write in the address bar, then you can do that with just a click.

Just use this tool called IE Address URL Editor, which is a free application that can be used to erase or edit the list of sites that you have once visited and which are now part of the history.

Address URL Editor is a little tool that helps user to edit URL Address Dropdown List in Internet Explorer, these URL addresses; Microsoft calls them ‘Typed URLs‘. You could always erase every URL you’ve typed by selecting “tools” in menu of IE, then select option, then click “Clear History“, but sometimes you don’t want to erase all the URLs in the URL Address drop down list, you just want to delete some of them, or, you want to edit the mistyped URL.

But with this small utility you can reach out to any individual site and either edit it or delete it from the history. Just remember to click Apply in the end.


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