Edit Photos Online with Pixer.us

If you like clicking pics and don’t want to install any software for photo editing in your system or it’s that you are at your office where you wanted to edit certain photos but can’t install any software then you have an option of editing the pics using a free online photo editor.

The online photo editor I am talking about is the ajax based online photo editor which is also free to use. The online photo editor is called Pixer.us that can not only resize, crop, rotate or flip any pic but also edit it with some effects and change the color tone etc.

With this service you can also modify the Brightness & Contrast, Saturation, ColorFX, Blur & Sharpen, and Special FX. What you all have to do is just upload an image using the uploader and select the operation to work upon the image and click Save.

The advantage of this tool is that you can also choose from different formats to save into, this feature can also be used to convert an image from one format into another and also to reduce size. Moreover the service is very easy to use and the best part is it don’t require any installation.

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