Edit the Webpage content in Print Preview Mode

To have a webpage printed you can give a direct print command or save the page in some html or text format and do some changes in the text editor and then print the contents but this process takes time whereas printing the complete page also incorporates useless items like the ads.

So if you are a Firefox user, there is some relief for you. If you need to get the page printed you just need to get this add-on installed in your browser. The plug-in is called Print Edit and as the name suggests, it allows editing of the web page content while in Print Preview mode.

Editing the content of a webpage prior to printing is a good option as you have the option of selecting your content and removing the unwanted matter from your layout thereby, reducing the layout and preserving the time and money on the prints. Moreover using this plug-in you can also format any section on the page.

In Print Edit mode, any of the displayed content elements can be formatted, hidden or deleted, prior to printing in Print Preview mode. Click the Preview button to return to Print Preview mode or the Close button to return to normal browsing mode. It is possible to switch repeatedly between Print Edit mode and Print Preview mode.

You can access the options after selecting the edit option in the print preview mode. The plugin is only for the Firefox users.

Download Print Edit

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