Edit Win + X Start Menu in Windows 8

Users of windows 8 will be well aware of the start menu for metro interface. But if you think that there is only one start menu in windows 8, then it is the time to correct yourself. There is another tiny start menu named as Win + X Menu which can be opened by using Win logo + X keys combination or by hovering over bottom left corner and right click to open a quick menu which will allow you to access administrative and various other tools.

The screenshot above shows how actually this menu looks like. Those who are using this menu will be well aware of this fact that it is hardly possible to customize this tiny menu. But if you find this tiny start menu helpful then we can suggest you a free portable utility to edit this menu. This utility is known as Win +X Menu Editor.

Using this utility you can add or remove programs in this menu without using or editing any system file. To use this program, go to the link given below and download the program zip file, extract its contents to any folder and run Win +X Menu Editor.

A popup window will show you the existing contents of the start menu, and allows you to add or remove any shortcut. You can create a new group and can add new items as per your requirement. You can also revert back to the actual win +X menu whenever you want. The program is very simple to use.

Download Win +X Menu Editor

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